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The foundation is currently contributing to the Saturday morning Junior Chefs Academy held at University of West London, Ealing, Young Chefs’ & Young Bakers’ Academy at Westminster Kingsway College, Victoria, Junior Chefs Academy, Loughborough College, Loughborough and Parent and Daughter Academy at Lakefield Hospitality College, Hampstead.

    • These courses are aimed at Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students and provide a great start for those interested in a career in the hospitality industry.
    • The course lasts between 5 to10 weeks (depending on the location) and is delivered on a Saturday.
    • It covers food preparation, cooking and presentation, hygiene, safety, team work, organisational skills and food service techniques.
    • On the final week of the course students ‘graduate’, and to celebrate they prepare, cook and serve their parents/guardians a formal three-course meal and are awarded their certificate of achievement.

students have successfully completed courses

Using the highly regarded Practical Cookery, examples of the curriculum include:

  • 1. The importance of Mise en place

  • 2. Use of herbs and spices

  • 3. Egg cookery e.g. basic omelettes

  • 4. Pasta e.g. Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • 5. Vegetable cookery e.g. Ratatouille, Fondant potatoes, Swiss potato cakes, Rosti, Roasted vegetables

  • 6. Vegetarian and Vegan using local ingredients e.g. Vegetable curry with rice pilaff, Vegetable Biryani, Chinese vegetable and seitan stir fry, Papaya and soya bean salad

  • 7. Basic cuts of Vegetables Made into a soup – Julienne, Brunoise, Paysanne,
    Finely Shedding and Chopping an onion

  • 8. Filleting a fish and Shallow frying the Fillets

  • 9. Fresh Beef Burgers

  • 10. Bone a fresh Chicken leg and Shallow fry with garnish

  • 11. Healthy Salads e.g. Waldorf, Three bean, Niçoise, Russian

  • With this insightful content, the programme provides students with a real experience in a professional kitchen, valuable life skills and career pathway into the hospitality industry.