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The vibrant and rewarding hospitality industry offers a wealth of opportunities, in a variety of sectors including food service, restaurants and hotels. The skills you gain are recognised throughout the world. This industry offers real career progression.

Hospitality sector overview

A career in the hospitality industry provides many opportunities; for example working as a chef, hotel manager, hospitality manager, event manager, rooms manager, human resource manager, IT manager, operations manager, enabling you to work in Hotels, Restaurants, in the Armed Forces, on Cruise Ships, in Private Houses, in Transport Catering, in Colleges, Schools, Universities and hospitals, in Sports Stadia in fact any place where people gather is an opportunity for hospitality services.

You can study at College, University or in industry as an apprentice. The skills and knowledge you learn will equip you with a set of transferable skills essential for lifelong learning.

You will also gain the necessary business skills to progress quickly to senior positions and entrepreneurial skills to give you the confidence to run your own business.

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An international skill set

A career in hospitality gives you a passport to work anywhere in the world because the hospitality industry is an international industry and is the most successful in achieving social mobility. Young people who work hard are able to progress quickly to senior positions within the industry and increase their earning power.

Hospitality skills offer many opportunities

Hospitality skills also open up many opportunities to work in other related industries for example in product development for corporate food suppliers and supermarkets. Hospitality is a major contributor to world economic growth, it also contributes to essential services, underpins the healthy wellbeing of society, providing pleasure and entertainment. A successful career in hospitality is not just a job it can become a valuable way of life, an important quality and feature of our humanity.

Open the door, light your flame and join the hospitality industry.

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  • Career Path: Mark Stower, Director of Food & Service

    Mark started his career at the Compleat Angler in Marlow, moving onto the Roux Brothers for a couple of years and then progressing up the ranks in reputable hotels and restaurants.

    Mark moved into cooking for the directors of Shell UK, HSBC and the Industrial Bank of Japan, where he would provide fine dining and learn a love of Japanese cuisine.

    During a stint as Executive Head Chef at the Financial Services Authority, Mark was responsible for the development and management of large-scale catering. This included a food court for over 2,000 employees, 46 meeting rooms and a directors’ kitchen serving eight private dining rooms. We’re very proud to have Mark on our team, bringing with him his outstanding cooking and managerial expertise.

    Mark is now Director of Food and Service and acts as the mentor to the talented chefs with craft training, food concepts and maintaining the high standards set and in 2015 joined the Board of Directors at Harrison.

    “I love this industry! I can fully endorse catering as a career choice as it will allow you to dream high, fulfill your potential and have fun”.

Helpful links

Below are some helpful links to start your journey into the hospitality industry.

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Also speak with your school and local college for advice on qualifications and courses.